Monday, July 25, 2011

Grandma aka "Ninny" Comes to Town

The kids get super excited when their Ninny comes to visit them.  They get loved on and they love having her sleep in their house and just spending time with her; they did not leave her side the entire time she was here!  We had fun walking around the city, into fun stores and eating yummy pizza.  We look forward to her coming back soon.  Wish we had family that lived closer but when they do come, we really cherish their time here.  Here are some pictures she took while here.  The ones of Ninny and I were taken by Alyvia (did a great job!).
Getting pushed by Ninny

You would never know she was Grandma!  

She is happy ALL the time!

We could be sisters!

Trying on hats in the shoe store: Ander's was a bit big and Alyvia is in mid twirl.

Riding along in her Sling  (so comfy).

Me pushing my "crew".  It was hot and I was tired!

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  1. they're getting so big and it's only been a month and a half. i miss you all so much. can't wait to see you in september!