Thursday, July 21, 2011

Good Bye Grandpa Bill

I have not had to deal with any immediate (to me) death since I was in the first grade and I thought that when the time came I would be completely fine, boy was I wrong.  I am usually a very controlled person, good at keeping my emotions under control and hiding them well.  When my sister called to tell me the news that Grandpa Bill had passed I was a well of emotions.  We knew the time was coming, he was 91 and lived an amazing live, but that still does not make it any easier.  I am sad that I did not get to go and say goodbye to him and even more sad at the times I could have gone and saw him and did not.  This is a great reminder that live is precious and to not take it for granted (very cliche, I know).

All growing up I wanted to grow up and become an adult and do adult things and now that I am an adult I am beginning to realize that it is hard work.  There is so much to deal with, so many responsibilities, people counting on you and never really a break to just exist.  I want to curl up and lay in bed for a whole day but alas the kids need to be fed and the house needs to be cleaned so maybe another day.

Love you Grandpa Bill.
Anderson and Grandpa Bill eating togetherl on his 90th Birthday lat year.

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