Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The week that goes on and on....

So this week started out kind of blah.  My trip back to MI was average, I do not know why I sike myself out so much.  I had a great time with Jonathan's family but sometimes I get frustrated with my own family.  Jonathan's dad will drive over an hour just for a few hours so he can spend time with the grand-babies and Jonathan is not even with me!  My dad will be in the same area but because my little brother wants to go snowboarding he will leave and drive three hours back up north.  I NEVER see my dad.  I cannot drive the six hours it takes to get from Chicago to TC.  I do not know why I let it bother me but it just makes me sad but I guess at the same time it really makes me appreciate Jonathan's family for taking an active role in our lives and especially the lives of Alyvia and Anderson.

On the way back from MI Anderson threw up, thought it was carsickness so I brushed it off.  I had the whole day planned for Sunday, go to Church, eat lunch at Ministry meeting, spend afternoon in burbs shopping and then Breakfast for dinner with the family at home.  My plan was foiled!  Lyv and I spent the whole day throwing up!  It was MISERABLE.  I am only thankful that Jonathan was able to be here with us to help us out, I do not know what I would have done if I had to have been chasing Ander around the whole day too.  Then Jonathan left Monday afternoon for CA and will not be back until late tomorrow night.

I AM EXHAUSTED.  But I must say, as rough of a week I have been having, I have been really enjoying loving on my kids.  I was once again reminded of how precious time is with them and I have been enjoying snuggles from my Ander and doing fun crafts with Alyvia.

Tomorrow we are off to tour a preschool for Alyvia next year.  Nothing too serious, just a few days a week at a Christian Academy; I am a bit nervous but we will see, I know the teacher so I know she would be in good hands.  Then we will spend the day just having fun together and my friend Steph will come for dinner with her two little ones and then alas my hubby will be home... I will be sleeping but will sleep better knowing he will be there when I awake.

Learning to be positive in all things is tough!  All I know is as much as I quote "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" to Lyv, I should put it into more practice myself!

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  1. Sorry this really does stink! You put in effort and not always do you get the results you anticipated:( I would come and see you Yoppy! I think also Dad has more deep excuses then just Korey, who knows just a guess. I hope you have an awesome rest of the week and just remember I love you so very much and miss you all the time!!! xoxoxo