Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Jonathan has had this week off planned for quite some time and we were planning on going to Florida to visit Kinsey (sister) and go to Disney, but after much consideration we decided that we did not want to spend 24 hours in the car to be in 100 degree weather.  We were pretty bummed to be spending our vacation at home but  we could not think of anywhere else.  Jonathan had really been wanting to go to Denver Colorado because we have had many people tell us that this is the city we belong in.

So on Saturday night I secretly packed all the suitcases and got most of the car packed, came upstairs and said that they had five minutes to get ready and in the car because I was blocking the alley with my car!  So at 8:30pm on Saturday we took off for Denver.  Best decision EVER!

This city is AMAZING!  We have been having so much fun.  There has been sun everyday, the mountains are such a great testament to our great Creator and it has been great to have some great family bonding.

Last night we got to go and have dinner with my mom's best friend from growing up that I have not spent time with since she died (20 years ago).  It was such a great time!  I imagine if my mom were still alive that she would be just like Tinker.  The kids loved her and so did I!

We are off to Colorado Springs today for some more mountain fun!

After a long night of driving we were excited to get out of the car at a  classy gas station!

We were born for the mountains! 

Love this cute face!

Our best friend Kyle also lives here so he joined us for dinner.

Family photo, Amelia hidden by the Ergo :)

Taking advantage of a great park in Georgetown .
Tinker, my mom's best friend growing up.

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  1. surprise trips are awesome. I applaud you for being able to pull that off in the midst of unpacking. Hope you have an awesome trip and we'll look forward to seeing you once you're back in Chi-town!