Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mother's Day

My mom and I (3yrs old) about 5 months before she passed.
Ever since I can remember I have dreaded Mother's Day.  At school we would always make these wonderful crafts; hand prints, cards and lots of other really lovely things that I am sure mothers appreciate; the problem is I did not have a mom to bring mine home to.  I would still have to make a craft but while the other kids were so excited to take it home to show their mom, I was just plain sad.

I still cannot believe she has been gone for 20 years; it boggles my mind every-time I think about it.  I always thought that as I got older and had a family of my own that it would get easier but it has actually gotten harder.  Instead of crafts that have no where to go, I have no mother to go to when I have a parenting question.  I did not have my mom to hold my hand while giving birth to my most precious children. In fact, I cannot even remember enough about her to pass along to my own children.

From what I have been told, she was an amazing woman; raising five daughters, directing the choir at Church, playing the piano and sewing us dresses that all matched.  I sometimes get mad because she died before she could teach me any of her wonderfulness; I am however truly grateful that God gave me my father and my four sisters because without them I would be a total mess!

This Mother's Day will be just like the rest, a card with nowhere to send but I will rejoice in the fact that I am a mother to some wonderful children and that God has entrusted me enough to allow me to be on earth to raise them up in His image.
AND because I have been SO behind... here are days 13-20 of the 365 Challenge:
Amelia and Jonathan chilling on the couch

Amelia enjoying the beautiful sunny day.

Amelia and I went to get coffee ALONE!

Moving Day!  My wonderful friends and all the kids.

The table was not yet set up in our new place so we all ate around the kid one!

Anderson fell asleep with his hand in his bum :)

Alyvia at Oz Park with Dorthy.

I took it upon myself to by clippers and cut Anderson's hair- boy did he have A LOT!

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  1. I'm so sorry about your mom Thiele. I know days like Mother's DAy have got to be hard. But you are such a great Mama to your kiddos and they love you more than you will ever know. On a positive note, i cant believe how big Amelia is getting! So glad the move is over and hope you get settled in quickly!