Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Back where I belong

As most of you know we spent 8 months living in GA this year, and while it was a great experience I am so glad to be back home!  We moved to Chicago 6 years ago this May and it seems like it was just yesterday.  Alyvia was only 5 months old and now she is 6 YEARS old.  Where has the time gone?

Part of the reason we moved to GA was to fulfill a dream and live life to the fullest; the problem was it wasn't our dream and GA did not fulfill us.  Sometimes in life it seems we need what everyone else has and because we don't have it, we must not be happy. WRONG.  I now know that having a huge house, a big yard and cul de sac are not what makes our family happy (at least not at this moment in our life).  We are content living in the urban jungle!

The kids and I have done more trips to the zoo, library, parks and done more exploring in the past 3 weeks than the whole time we lived in GA.  My heart is content and I am so happy to be where I am.  So thankful that we are back where we belong!

Just a typical day for us.  We love our walks to the park and to Trader Joes'! 

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